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Perfect Release Training Aid

Posted on March 29 2017

Perfect Release Training Aid

As I arrived at the Bowes Creek driving range I noticed a group of men swinging an odd device with a resistance band attached to their forearm. As I continued to watch I was intrigued by the idea of how you could see the exact location of the swing plane. Swing angles are the most intriguing to me because if you can get a visual idea where your swing plane is you’re on your way to making a great golf swing.

I decided to approach the gentlemen and investigate further. After a short discussion they described the training aid as “Perfect Release.” They stated that the unit helps you feel resistance in your arm and rotation to give you an idea where to release the golf club. I then added that it gives you a good visual of the swing plane. After further discussion they encouraged me to try it out.

Perfect release training aidFirst, I attached it to my forearm which was quick and easy. I could really feel the resistance as I took a few practice swings. The release pattern that it provide was something that was very unique and it provide instant feedback. Never before did I have such a sensation where to release the golf club. Not only was the release pattern sensational but the swing plane was extremely easy to gain feedback. I immediately had a sensation on how to get the swing on plane and rotate through to my release.

I thanked the men for their kindness for introducing me to the Perfect Release and I was on my way with a better understanding of the golf swing in 15 minutes.

For more information regarding Perfect Release got to and read the testimonials and case studies on how you can get your swing corrected in minutes.


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