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Tuck Your Golf Shirt In

Posted on March 31 2017

"Hey softball guy who is 1/2 drunk on the 8th hole tuck your shirt in and put your hat on correctly!!!!!"

What is the deal with all these wackos golf is breeding in the past few years? Look, I don't want to see your bad swing let alone that belly hanging out either. I know it’s tough for many to believe golf is a gentlemen’s sport and being a gentlemen is a lost art as well as hard for you. But please take care of your attire.

First, your plaid golf pants don’t match the horizontal lines (which you should not wear) that run across your belly. And that white belt that doesn’t match your black shoes is making me gag. Also, what is the deal with the hat on backwards? Are you a catcher? Bro, are you confused about what sport you’re playing? Please!

Finally your behavior towards the cart girl ughh! Do you really think she likes you? She just wants the $2.00 dollars you made last week raking grandma’s leaves. Do you really have to drink one beer a hole? The beer cart is NOT a buffet. Also, what's with the stereo in your golf cart? What are you on a picnic? Yea we think your music's cool. And on top of all this the people on the driving range don’t think it’s funny you suck at golf. You’re digging up the range with a driver!

Golf courses need the money so they will tolerate your Beavis and Butt-head behavior. But, when the golf industry rebounds in the year 2050 we won’t see the likes of you.

Ohhh I almost forgot your Duck Dynasty beard is sweet too!

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