Daphne's Corgi Golf Driver Headcover

Crown Royal Swings on the Fairway

Tee off with regal style and a wagging tail! This headcover is fit for a canine king or queen, adding a touch of royal charm to your golf bag. With its adorable stubby legs, expressive eyes, and a dignified posture that says, "I'm here to rule the course," it's the perfect blend of cuteness and golfing power. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this headcover not only protects your club but also adds a touch of majestic charisma to your game. Watch as your swings deliver majestic shots that have your fellow golfers bowing in admiration and the fairway bending to your royal command.

Corgi Golf Headcover Features

  • Fits up to 460cc driver
  • Made with soft weather-resistant fur