Bubba Blade Freshwater Fishing Knife Multi Flex Interchangeable Set

A FIRST OF ITS KIND, THE MULTI-FLEX is the ultimate fillet knife for your freshwater fisherman. Featuring two different full-tang blades (7" Tapered Flex and 8" Ultra Flex), the Multi-FLex brings the best of BUBBA all into one set. An EASY-TO-USE SQUEEZE AND SLIDE MECHANISM allows you to switch between blades quickly and seamlessly while the Flex-Change The locking system keeps the blade safe and secure. Our signature BUBBA NON-SLIP GRIP HANDLE provides a consistent and classic feel to our new style of knife. The Multi-Flex comes in a premium hard-side carrying case with a watertight seal, quick access handle and blade storage, and flexible lid organizer for added sotrage. THE FILLET KNIFE WILL FOREVER BE CHANGED.

  • Interchangeable design includes 2 different blades
  • 8" ultra flex blade
  • 7" tapered flex blade
  • High-carbon stainless steel blades
  • Titanium-nitride coating
  • Iconic Bubba™ sure-grip textured handle
  • Full-tang locking system
  • Revamped hard-sided carry case