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Cleveland RTX Full Face Tour Rack Wedge Steel Shaft

Cleveland RTX Full Face Tour Rack Wedge Steel Shaft

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Loft : 64
Dexterity : Right Hand

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Cleveland to work developing the ideal hosel-to-toe groove pattern until they had a clubface with UltiZip grooves spanning every last millimeter. That means you can strike it off the toe whenever you need and still have great spin with total control.


To enhance your open-faced shots, Cleveland threw out design after design until we landed on the optimal High-Toe shape. This lets you open up the face with confidence, knowing youre covered when the club slides under the ball.


A low-density core sits at the heart of RTX Full-Face, repositioning the center of gravity and boosting overall MOI. By helping you strike more shots on the sweet spot, it adds consistency to every aspect of your short game. It also provides a nice boost to spin, feel, and control.


Razor-sharp to slice through grass and debris. Thats how you crank up spin numbers. Coincidentally, it also increases control exponentially. And thats because the groove pattern is tighter than ever for more groove contact on every strike.

New Clutch Grind

Cleveland's Full-Face Grind offers unparalleled performance on shots that call for an open face. The C-Shaped relief on the heel and toe lets you manipulate the face with ease, and promotes versatility around the greens. You wont wonder what the C stands for once its in your hands.