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Coastal Paddles

SKU:Coastal Paddles V1 Pickleball Paddles - Pink

Coastal Paddles Pelican Series V1 Pickleball Paddles

Coastal Paddles Pelican Series V1 Pickleball Paddles

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Introducing the first paddle of our Pelican Series: a blend of impeccable design, performance, and purpose. With a striking blue hue reminiscent of coastal waves, this paddle captures the spirit of Hilton Head Island, where our story began. Utilizing proprietary V1 paddle technology, its thermoformed structure is unibody in design and injected with EVA foam around its full edge for resilience and power.

Beyond its exceptional performance and design attributes, each purchase of this paddle carries forward our commitment to giving back. A portion of each sale contributes to a unique cause of YOUR choice, blending your love for the game with a larger purpose. Embrace the game, the cause, and the unparalleled design of the Pelican Series.

  • Face Material: 3K Twill Carbon Fiber
  • Core Material: PP Honeycomb
  • Weight (oz): 8 - 8.5oz
  • Length: 419mm=16.5in
  • Width: 190mm=7.5in
  • Core Thickness: 16mm
  • Paddle thickness: 19mm
  • Weight: 235+/-5g
  • Handle Length: 5.3in