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Cobra F-Max Airspeed Straight Neck Driver

The F-MAX Airspeed driver is 50 grams lighter than a conventional driver. A carbon crown, lighter clubhead, shaft and grip combine to help moderate swing speeds swing faster, easier.

  • The head is 2 grams lighter than previous generation F-MAX while maintaining an MOI of 5000 so that forgiveness is not sacrificed.
  • The shaft is 5 grams lighter making it easier than ever to generate more club speed and distance. Using Cobra's lightest midsize grip at 41 grams provides better feel in the hands and during the swing.
  • Replacing titanium with carbon fiber saves 10 grams that we used low and wide to increase MOI, while PWR Ridges provide visual alignment to help you set up square to your target.
  • For those who have trouble turning the club over, having weight concentrated back and towards the heel will help make slices a thing of the past, and straighter drives a part of their future.
  • An offset hosel corrects any rightward tendencies, and helps golfers find the middle of the fair way easier and more consistently.