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Golf Forever


Golf Forever Swing Trainer

Golf Forever Swing Trainer

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Model : Golf Forever Swing Trainer

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At-Home Golf Fitness and Health:
  • 44.5 inch training bar with attachment points for training cord or weighted balls.
  • Durable, 15-pound Latex Training Cord with Nylon safety sleeve which combines with the bar or the included handles to create two distinct golf-exercise tools.
  • Two quick-interchange, sweat-resistant rubber handles that attach to the Latex Training Cord to create resistance bands.
  • Universal Nylon door anchor which attaches to any door in the home or gym.
  • Two easy-to-attach polymer carabiners which allow the Swing Trainer to be anchored to any sturdy object when a door isn’t available.
  • Warm Up Before Your Round:
  • Optimized Weighted Warmup Club - D3 Swing Weight Quick-Interchange Weighted Ball (green) that mimics the dynamic feel of your driver, but 2.5x heavier to help you loosen up properly
  • Heavier Quick-Interchange Weighted Ball option (gray) for a slightly overloaded feel and speed training workouts
  • Premium Carry Bag