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IZZO Golf Dual Hole Auto Return Putting Mat 8' X 1'

IZZO Golf Dual Hole Auto Return Putting Mat 8' X 1'

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The Dual Hole Putting Mat from Izzo Golf is the perfect putt training aid for any golfer that wants to fine tune their putting accuracy and speed. This golf putting mat is made of quality materials that allows it to roll out smoothly and simulate a real putting green surface. The Dual Hole Putting Mat features two holes that are 25-40% smaller than a regulation golf hole to help sharpen your aim and accuracy. The Dual Hole Putting Mat also features an ramp incline which promotes a solid strike and proper speed, making sure your putts get to the hole and increasing your chance of making it. Along with the track provided, the ramp incline also supports a natural, gravity return of the golf ball to your set up position for easy retrieval and a nice rhythm to your practice routine. Printed putt alignment aids help you square your putter fact to the target line, reinforcing optimal set up and swing plane. Folds up compact for easy storage.

Features and Specs
  • Size: 8 x 1
  • Dual (2) holes smaller than regulation size (4.25) to sharpen your aim
  • Includes 3.25 (25% smaller) and 2.5'' (40% smaller) holes
  • Incline/ramp promotes proper speed and confident stroke
  • Putt alignment aids help square the putter face to the target line
  • Gravity return automatically sends ball back to your set up position