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Tour Edge


Tour Edge Limited Edition Exotics Pro 721 Hybrid

The Exotics Pro 721 Hybrid ultra-compact shape was designed to be the most iron-like hybrid on the market. It features tour-inspired shape with a tour-prototype look and feel that features a new matte finish on the crown.

Tour-Inspired Shape - The limited-edition Pro 721 Hybrid features tour-inspired ultra-compact shape with a deeper square-face. Ball strikers with faster swing speeds tend to gravitate towards smaller, more compact hybrid designs that they can swing with an iron-like swing.

Extreme Heel and Toe Flight Tuning System - The clubhead features a Flight Tuning System (F.T.S.) adjustable heel (3 grams) and toe (15 grams) weights on the sole. Adjusting the F.T.S. dual weights in these ports that are placed to the extreme heel and toe of the clubhead can drastically affect ball flight and shaping shots in this compact design.

Diamond Face 2.0 Technology - Different diamond shapes of variable face thickness behind the face act as mini-trampolines to create faster ball speeds and expand the sweet spot to outer areas of the face. There are a total of 41 total Diamond shapes featured on Diamond Face 2.0 on the Pro 721 Hybrid.

Sound Diffusion Panels - Sound Diffusion Panels are placed strategically inside the club head vastly improves the acoustic engineering of the entire new Pro 721 metalwood line up.

TrueLoft System – A TrueLoft System ensures extra quality control in the bending process of unfinished Pro 721 hybrid heads and includes an extensive triple-check on loft and lie in the final stages of the manufacturing process. This commitment to making sure that each club head fits the exact intended loft helps players expertly dial in their preferred distances.

Shaft Options
  • TENSEI AV RAW Blue hybrid shaft provides Mid-Launch, Mid-Spin properties.
  • TENSEI AV RAW White hybrid shaft is the heavier option of the two and provides Low-Spin and Low-Launch.