Odyssey Ai-ONE Putter Product Review


Odyssey Ai-ONE Putter Product Review

"Better distance control and less three putts"

Ball speed has been the focal point for the last few years in every driver on the market, and for good reason. Higher ball speed means more distance. But what about putters? 

Leave it to the folks at Callaway to push the envelope and develop a putter with consistent ball speeds in mind. Using AI technology, they've developed an all new insert with variable face thickness technology. The result? More consistent ball speeds on off center hits. This equates to better distance control and ultimately, less three putts. 

There are several different head models featuring this technology, providing a style suited to any stroke. While the white hot insert is the most popular, they're also offering the Ai-ONE in a milled face design, which features a slightly firmer feel.

Over the past several years, there hasn't been near the innovation in putters as there has been in other areas of golf equipment. That is, until now. Come try one for yourself and experience what Ai-ONE can do for your game.

Link below to check out our video product review on the Odyssey Ai-ONE:


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