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Shot Scope


Shot Scope H4 GPS Handheld

Shot Scope H4 GPS Handheld

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Includes: Shot Scope H4 Handheld, 16 x tracking tags, metal belt clip, carabiner, USB clip charger

The Shot Scope H4 provides all the GPS distances you would expect but has the added benefit of shot tracking and performance statistics. Simply tap the Shot Scope tag on the end of your club against the device to record a shot. The device will vibrate to confirm the club has been detected. After your round, upload via Bluetooth and analyse 100’s of performance statistics to help you improve.

Use highly accurate GPS distances to the front, middle and back of every green to aid club selection. With front and carry distances for every hazard on the course and layup points, you have all you need to form a strategy for the hole.

Track your shots and improve your game with the Shot Scope H4. The 16 tags screw into the end of each club. To register a shot, simply tap the tag against the H4 and the device will vibrate to confirm the club is detected.