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    April 25, 2017 – SRIXON®, a global leader in high-performance golf equipment and a brand Dedicated to Improving Your Game, proudly announces that the 2017 Golf Digest Hot List has awarded a coveted Gold Medal to every Srixon golf ball model entered for testing.

    That includes all five premium models in the current Srixon golf ball lineup:

    • The new Z-STAR and Z-STAR XV ($39.99/dozen), which earned “5 Stars” for Performance and “4.5 Stars” for Innovation and Feel.
    • The new Q-STAR TOUR ($29.99/dozen), which earned “5 Stars” for Performance, Innovation and Feel.
    • The Q-STAR ($24.99/dozen), which earned “4.5 Stars” for Performance and Feel.
    • The new Soft Feel ($19.99/dozen), which earned “5 Stars” for Feel.

    Srixon is also the only brand on the 2017 Golf Digest Hot List with all three of the following achievements:

    • Five of its golf ball models recognized with Gold Medals.
    • Only Gold Medals for all of its golf ball entries.
    • A Gold Medal winner in all three award categories (“Over $35”, “$26 to $35”, “$25 and Under”).

    “These incredible results from the Hot List show how strong the full lineup of Srixon golf balls is, with a high-performance model available for every type of player,” said Mike Powell, President of Sales & Marketing for Srixon/Cleveland Golf/XXIO, North America. “To have every one of our entries be recognized with Gold – five models in total – with at least one model in all three categories, this proves we have the most complete lineup of golf balls on the market today. Without question, Srixon delivers total performance.”

    While world-class PGA TOUR professionals like Hideki Matsuyama (Z-STAR XV) and Russell Knox (Z-STAR) use Tour Performance offerings from Srixon, moderate swing speed amateurs and core recreational players can gain enhanced distance, accuracy and consistency in their games from playing lower-compression offerings like the all-new Q-STAR TOUR, the Q-STAR, and the new Soft Feel, also available in Soft Feel Lady.

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  • Tuck Your Golf Shirt In

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    "Hey softball guy who is 1/2 drunk on the 8th hole tuck your shirt in and put your hat on correctly!!!!!"

    What is the deal with all these wackos golf is breeding in the past few years? Look, I don't want to see your bad swing let alone that belly hanging out either. I know it’s tough for many to believe golf is a gentlemen’s sport and being a gentlemen is a lost art as well as hard for you. But please take care of your attire.

    First, your plaid golf pants don’t match the horizontal lines (which you should not wear) that run across your belly. And that white belt that doesn’t match your black shoes is making me gag. Also, what is the deal with the hat on backwards? Are you a catcher? Bro, are you confused about what sport you’re playing? Please!

    Finally your behavior towards the cart girl ughh! Do you really think she likes you? She just wants the $2.00 dollars you made last week raking grandma’s leaves. Do you really have to drink one beer a hole? The beer cart is NOT a buffet. Also, what's with the stereo in your golf cart? What are you on a picnic? Yea we think your music's cool. And on top of all this the people on the driving range don’t think it’s funny you suck at golf. You’re digging up the range with a driver!

    Golf courses need the money so they will tolerate your Beavis and Butt-head behavior. But, when the golf industry rebounds in the year 2050 we won’t see the likes of you.

    Ohhh I almost forgot your Duck Dynasty beard is sweet too!

    Let us help you with your golf apparel!

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  • Perfect Release Training Aid

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    As I arrived at the Bowes Creek driving range I noticed a group of men swinging an odd device with a resistance band attached to their forearm. As I continued to watch I was intrigued by the idea of how you could see the exact location of the swing plane. Swing angles are the most intriguing to me because if you can get a visual idea where your swing plane is you’re on your way to making a great golf swing.

    I decided to approach the gentlemen and investigate further. After a short discussion they described the training aid as “Perfect Release.” They stated that the unit helps you feel resistance in your arm and rotation to give you an idea where to release the golf club. I then added that it gives you a good visual of the swing plane. After further discussion they encouraged me to try it out.

    Perfect release training aidFirst, I attached it to my forearm which was quick and easy. I could really feel the resistance as I took a few practice swings. The release pattern that it provide was something that was very unique and it provide instant feedback. Never before did I have such a sensation where to release the golf club. Not only was the release pattern sensational but the swing plane was extremely easy to gain feedback. I immediately had a sensation on how to get the swing on plane and rotate through to my release.

    I thanked the men for their kindness for introducing me to the Perfect Release and I was on my way with a better understanding of the golf swing in 15 minutes.

    For more information regarding Perfect Release got to and read the testimonials and case studies on how you can get your swing corrected in minutes.

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  • Why are Callaway Irons Number 1 in Golf?

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    Callaway incorporates "Face Cup" technology into their irons and elevates their golf clubs to the # 1 iron in golf. Ball Speed and performance were increased dramatically with Face Cup technology. X Hot with innovative deep under cut technology which included consistently longer iron shots. Apex 1025 Carbon steel delivered incredibly soft feel and the 455 carpenter steel face insert packed immense ball speeds. Big Bertha Irons were the first to incorporate the 360 Face Cup technology for unprecedented distance. Next, XR 360 Face Cup technology in a cavity back iron for the first time and it produces blazing ball speeds across the entire face. Apex CF 16 provides feel, forgiveness and 360 Face Cup in a forged iron. Lastly, is the XR OS which is so easy to launch and a pleasure to hit.

    Try one of these Callaway Irons today and see the difference for your self. Here is a look at the progression of Callaway Golf irons for men technology as it propelled them to the # iron in golf.






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  • The History of Nike Golf

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    Nike leaped straight into the golf sector during 1984, establishing its 1st choice of golf footwear, however didn’t get involved in the manufacturing golf clubs side of the sector for an additional fourteen yrs. Even though it feels like forever ago that Tiger Woods said, “Hello, world,” and certainly was responsible for sales promotions by using a truly talking headcover, realistically Nike Golf has actually survive for roughly fifteen (15) yrs, practically never actually catching on in any one class other than footwear as well as clothing. Here’s a glance at some of Nike's ups and downs.

    Thank you to Michael Chwasky & Sean Steinemann for their information regarding this report.  


    History Of Nike Golf Infograpphic

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