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Blue Tees Series 3 Max+ Golf Rangefinder Black

Blue Tees Series 3 Max+ Golf Rangefinder Black

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The New & Improved S3 Max+

The Series 3 Max+ Laser Rangefinder is the next iteration of Blue Tee's flagship, best selling S3 line of lasers. S3 Max+ offers improved software + electronics, an enhanced ergonomic design, and is powered by our new rechargeable battery technology.

The Slope Switch enables the golfer to see slope compensated distances on the display. It can be toggled on or off to comply with USGA regulation.

The Red/Black Control button allows you to manually change the display color to your preferred setting based on the environment (high/low light).

  • 1000 yard range
  • Active tracking
  • Advanced Flag lock
  • Waterproof USB-C
  • Magnetic Strip
  • Crystal Clear Display