Srixon Q Star Tour Divide Golf Balls 1 Dozen - Brite Blue/Yellow

Introducing the all-new Q-STAR TOUR DIVIDE, an exciting ball offering from Srixon that stands out on the course with its unique 50/50 matte urethane cover. But it�s more than good looks: DIVIDE boasts all the drive-boosting, chip-stopping performance of a classic Q-STAR TOUR. Plus, its three colorways make spin visible and putting alignment easier than ever.

50/50 Matte Urethane Cover
  • Each DIVIDE cover is yellow on one half and red, blue, or orange on the other. This high contrast matte cover makes spin visible and putting alignment easy. Plus, it�s cast from soft urethane for tour-level spin and stopping power.
  • Spin You Can See
  • When it comes to pitches and chips around the green, DIVIDE�s unique two-tone cover produces a strobe effect while spinning, revealing the speed and direction of spin on each of your shots. It�s a powerful tool for tracking and improving your consistency, and you can only see it with the Q-STAR TOUR DIVIDE.
  • 360 ? Alignment Line
  • The longer your alignment line, the easier it can be to line up your putts. And with DIVIDE�s one-of-a-kind seam line running around the entire golf ball, you get 360 ? of alignment so you can putt with perfect aim.
  • FastLayer Core
  • The new FastLayer Core offers distance and soft feel without compromise due to a gradual transition from soft inner core to firm outer edge.
  • Construction: 3pc
  • Cover Material: Urethane
  • Cover Thickness: 0.020"
  • Compression: 72
  • Dimple Number: 338