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Srixon ZX5 MK II Black Iron Set 4-PW Stiff Flex Right Hand

Srixon ZX5 MK II Black Iron Set 4-PW Stiff Flex Right Hand

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Dexterity : Right Hand

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The limited-edition ZX5 Mk II Black Chrome Irons add a bold, highly stylish look to our players distance Irons, with a durable finish that reduces glare at address. ZX5 Mk II Black Chrome Irons are the perfect union of razor-sharp looks, power, and playability. Featuring the KBS C-Taper Black Lite limited-edition shaft, they combine premium forged feel, advanced ball speed, and distance technology, while featuring a narrow topline with moderate sole width, blade length and offset.

MainFrame is a variable thickness pattern of grooves, channels, and cavities carefully milled into the backside of ZX5 Mk II Black Chrome Iron faces that maximizes flex at impact. MainFrame not only boosts COR, it also repositions mass away from the face and into the toe and sole for a lower Center of Gravity. This creates more than just faster ball speed, but also more consistency and forgiveness, enhancing all aspects of your Iron play, shot for shot.

Srixon's dynamic Tour V.T. Sole helps maintain clubhead speed through impact for clean strikes across fairway, rough and sand—even if you contact the turf slightly behind the ball. A higher bounce on the leading edge prevents digging; then, a lower bounce on the trailing edge curves away from the turf, so you can still manipulate face angle for maximum workability.

The 3i–7i feature wide grooves, ideal for longer shots in all conditions. The 8i–AW have deeper, closer set grooves which cut through grass and debris to enhance spin on approach shots. Laser milling between each groove, on every loft, enhances friction in all conditions. The result is congruency across the set, as spin, distance, and launch window remain as consistent as possible.