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XXIO Men's 12 X Black Fairway Wood #3 15* Graphite Stiff Right Hand - VERY GOOD

XXIO Men's 12 X Black Fairway Wood #3 15* Graphite Stiff Right Hand - VERY GOOD

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Dexterity : Right Hand
Loft : 15
Flex : Stiff

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VERY GOOD overall condition - Wood shows light wear from being used 6-8 rounds. Light scratches on sole and face. No dings or marks. Comes with head cover.

XXIO X Fairway Woods aren’t just light as air—they harness it. With enhanced aerodynamics, airflow bends to your will as you swing, guiding you on to effortless speed and purer strikes. It’s only possible with XXIO. Experience the Difference.

  • ActivWing stabilizes the clubhead by altering aerodynamic forces at work in the first half of the downswing. The airfoil generates lift, guiding the club to its optimal impact angle for maximum speed and distance.
  • Bringing lightweight golf club design to the player’s category, X enhances speed and distance for mid to low handicap golfers. X takes all our accomplishments in lightweight club design and presents them in a better player’s form-factor. Go lighter and go farther with the new X golf clubs from XXIO.
  • Rebound Frame technology imparts more speed and distance into your long shots. Inside XXIO X Drivers, Fairway Woods, and Hybrids, four alternating layers of stiff and flexible zones enhance overall COR when activated at impact. Like a spring within a spring, concentric flex zones transfer energy to the golf ball far more efficiently than standard designs.